Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fun with Kitty Caps!

Nick and I recently bought a new (to us) couch. Of course, as soon as we got it, Eleanor and Toby decided to play all over it and sometimes use it as a scratching post. Discipline doesn't work, especially on Ellie - she's a spiteful brat, and I can't hang out at home all day, ready to yell when they try to start clawing. Solution? KITTY CAPS!!!

I bought this set (pink glitter and hot pink) and also a clear set. But once I got home, I knew I'd use this set on both cats haha!

The directions say to trim the cat's nails before you apply. I was able to do that with Ellie but Toby freaked out when I got the clippers near him. In my opinion,  you don't NEED to do that, but it would help fit a little better. His are staying on just fine for now, though. 

Application was pretty easy, but I learned my lesson and will  have Nick help me next time. Ellie growled and bit me (just once), but it would have been so much easier with someone else applying the glue to each cap and just handing to me. 

And the final product!! I decided to give Toby the hot pink nails and Eleanor got the pink glitter!
So defeated.
So annoyed.

All in all, I'd really recommend these! They're reasonably priced, supposed to last 4-8 weeks AND the cats haven't snagged the couch anymore since I put them on!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Date Night!

This year, Nick and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day a day or so after the 14th...mostly to avoid crowds. Something you should know about me: I hate crowds. I get irritable and annoyed and can't handle anything until I'm where I'm supposed to be. This will make more sense in a minute. 

A couple days after we decided to hold off on any plans until the weekend, I found a deal for Medieval Times! Nick had JUST talked about how he wanted to go sometime. I'd never been either, so I figured we'd buy the deal and go! 

I don't know why I didn't realize....but the Friday after Valentine's Day is still a pretty busy day and especially at a place like Medieval Times.

These dudes were the show-openers.

Our knight is the Black and White....he was also the cutest
We got a grab bag of Valentine's Items! Two champagne glasses, two flags, a rose, a weird light up foam stick thing and...
our photo taken! (This was mid-freak out, so I'm surprised I look as happy as I do). 

I think I held it together pretty well, though. Once we got inside and seated, I was fine. Ok, I won't lie. Once I got my complimentary glass of champagne, I was fine. Once we got inside, I was able to fully relax and enjoy the show! 

Hope you had a great Valentine's too! Tell me what you ended up doing for the holiday! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tardis Shawl

If you're like me, you only recently heard of this site, but if you're more of an internetting-pro, I'm sure it's old news. Anyway, I recently (within the last year) started browsing reddit. Quickly, I found the Knitit subreddit and fell in love. I'm SO glad I did find it because recently there was a sign up for a Knitters vs Crocheters swap! How awesome! I immediately signed up and then became really nervous.

What if my match wants a huge blanket? What if their likes aren't that similar to mine and I'm unfamiliar with their likes?! What if they want something that's above my skill level?! What if, what if, what if!!!!!

As you can tell, I'm a crazy worrier and it's mostly all for naught. I was paired with someone who asked for a lace project (I've only ever done like two lace projects) and a Dr. Who themed item. I don't watch Dr. Who. OH NO!!!!!!

Luckily, I found Bigger on the Inside from Knitty's Spring/Summer 2012 edition!

First few rows of the lace portion

I actually just finished the shawl this evening. I still have to weave in ends and block it, but at least it's off the needles! 

Blurry Eleanor tries to get in close for a look.
By next time I'll have all the ends woven in and it'll be blocked.  I'm so excited to share the fully finished product!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Good morning!

Hello and welcome! My name is Shaye and I'm always knitting (and sometimes crocheting) and watching a whole lot of television while doing so.

I live in an apartment in Baltimore with my wonderful boyfriend Nick and our two kitties!

To be honest, those two will probably be a large part of this blog. Why? Because I love them and look how photogenic they are!

I'll be posting mostly about current knitting projects both for my etsy and friends/family, but with a little bit of travel, book, and tv talk thrown in. And of course cute kitty talk!

I'm so very excited to start writing about my life and experiences in general as well as discuss knitting projects! And while I know not everyone is as knitting-crazed as I am, I will be sure to incorporate other aspects of my life for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope you stick around!