Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fun with Kitty Caps!

Nick and I recently bought a new (to us) couch. Of course, as soon as we got it, Eleanor and Toby decided to play all over it and sometimes use it as a scratching post. Discipline doesn't work, especially on Ellie - she's a spiteful brat, and I can't hang out at home all day, ready to yell when they try to start clawing. Solution? KITTY CAPS!!!

I bought this set (pink glitter and hot pink) and also a clear set. But once I got home, I knew I'd use this set on both cats haha!

The directions say to trim the cat's nails before you apply. I was able to do that with Ellie but Toby freaked out when I got the clippers near him. In my opinion,  you don't NEED to do that, but it would help fit a little better. His are staying on just fine for now, though. 

Application was pretty easy, but I learned my lesson and will  have Nick help me next time. Ellie growled and bit me (just once), but it would have been so much easier with someone else applying the glue to each cap and just handing to me. 

And the final product!! I decided to give Toby the hot pink nails and Eleanor got the pink glitter!
So defeated.
So annoyed.

All in all, I'd really recommend these! They're reasonably priced, supposed to last 4-8 weeks AND the cats haven't snagged the couch anymore since I put them on!!


  1. Toby seriously looks exactly like Wigs in that picture! I'm glad the kitty caps worked out for you too!

  2. Love those pink caps! Tried to convince my roommate to get them for her cats; she refused LOL!

    1. Haha boo! They're surprisingly easy to put on! And Ellie's have stayed on (except for one) really well! Toby chewed his off and ate them, apparently, as I found them in his litter box :(