Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So I've been slacking lately. I won't bore you with excuses, so let's get right in to it! 

I've been working on another gift exchange project recently. Actually two items for one exchange. Unfortunately, I already mailed out the hat. But I can tell you that I used the It All Comes Together Beret pattern (on ravelry). I used a nice wool blend in mustard. 

Because of the super quick deadline, I had to get that baby shipped out before I was late. BUT I've got part two still here and still unfinished! 

I'm using the Foreign Correspondent's Scarf pattern (on ravelry). I honestly can't remember what this yarn is. I bought it several years ago while on a trip in New York. I've loved the colors in it, but hadn't found a pattern for it yet. 

I really like the contrast between the slant of the pattern and the slant in the colors!
I've been able to catch up today thanks to a "snow day." The above picture shows just about how much snow we've currently got and let me tell you, I'm sorely disappointed. We were supposed to get anywhere from 4-10 inches and it was supposed to be our second Snowmageddon. Yeah...

At least I got a day off though! If any of you got some of the storm, I hope you were able to enjoy it!

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  1. Oh I really like that color combination. Seriously Shaye sometime we need to have a knitting party in which you show me how to knit, hehe!