Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Photo(s)

I've always loved weekly features on other blogs and I decided I'd like to start one on mine! (And, let's face it, it'll be harder for me to avoid posting for over a week!)

I'm choosing a photo from way back when (which honestly doesn't seem like so long ago): 1991! 

Left to right: My sister, me, Evan and Drew (mom's friend's sons!)

My mom and her friend (the mother to the two boys) each took photos of us kids hanging out on my front steps. I have no idea why my sister is throwing up gang signs or why we ALL have the same haircut, but whatever, it was fun. 

I mostly want to discuss that awesome red Jeep in the corner. My sister and I had got that for Christmas in 1990. It was our annual joint present (we got one huge gift each year to share). I remember she wanted to drive it for a bit and she was allowed to, inside the house. Instead of, you know, driving it away from things, she decided to go straight for the Christmas tree...where our cat was sleeping. Luckily, the tree was on the coffee table. Upon impact, though, the tree toppled over and poor Buddy went flying. From then on, I wouldn't allow her to drive it. I was designated driver and she could be my passenger. I mean, a three year old is not capable of handling the speed of a battery powered Jeep! 

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