Friday, March 22, 2013

West Virginia Fun!

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting my two most favorite people ever, Will and Amanda, out in their West Virginia home! I was almost a little too excited because I've not seen them in forever and Amanda always makes us crazy waffles for breakfast (this time she made us Cinnamon Sugar waffles, whaaaaaaaat!?). 

We woke up Saturday morning and were kind of lazing around. Amanda had to go outside for something and all the sudden I hear "oooooh" and the door shut. She yelled for Will and I to come look and when we did, we saw the cutest little raccoon on their doorstep!

I stole their instagram karma with this photo. But don't be fooled, they totally got better shots of the little dude!

After all that excitement, we ventured to the local Alamo Drafthouse to see Oz the Great and Powerful. Local, meaning, an hour and a half away (I can't say much, we don't really have any near me). And let me tell you, if you've never experienced one, you need to. It's kind of the best place ever!

Image taken from GeekyRant
Quick movie review: it wasn't as bad as all the reviews I'd read said. In fact, I really enjoyed the movie and some of the subtle things throughout (I kept noticing a ton of rainbows, for instance).

Honestly, though, the highlight of my weekend there was when we went hiking on Sunday. I'd kind of set out to try to find a pair of antlers for Nick, but wasn't dead-set on it. Figured if we saw some, that'd be awesome and I could surprise him.Our hike was pretty much done and we were just heading back to their house when I glanced down and noticed a very white branch. I stopped and kind of did a whole "Is that- I think it's- oh man!" Yep, totally spotted an entire skull with antlers still attached!!! 

It's a pretty small skull, and the right side is missing but whatever. This is seriously the best find (especially because I was just hoping for, you know, one antler). I can't wait to get it mounted and hung on our wall!


  1. Those waffles are how I keep people coming back to hang out with us, hehe. Also how did Nick like the skull?

    1. When he first saw it, he was kind of creeped out! (I think because I woke him up with it haha). But once it sunk in, he was super excited!

    2. Awesome! I really want to find another one for myself now :)